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From issues gone by, here is a photo of Gene Hughes of Police Call (which was last published in 2005) and National Communications emeritus editor Norm Schrein at the first annual National Scanning Convention.  The convention was held in Lancaster PA in July 1995.  The photo caption read "Gene Hughes receives recognition for his years of service to the radio hobby community.  Norm Schrein awards him a plaque from NatScan."  This photo appeared in the September | October 1995 issue of National Scanning Magazine, which eventually evolved into National Communications.


National Communications Magazine is the magazine for every radio user. Anyone who has bought a scanner or CB for the first time to the radio pro will find this magazine packed full of useful information. We have stories for the novice on how to program that first scanner to the electronic technician who wants to modify his scanner or CB. National Communications is produced by the industry's leading writers. Names like scanning expert Jon Van Allen, antenna and propagation specialist Mark Haverstock, citizens band enthusiast and long-time scanning guru Chuck Gysi, and hobby communications specialist Cory GB Sickles all contribute to make this the No. 1 magazine for the radio crowd.  Top-notch editing ensures NatCom readers have the best material and the latest information for the radio hobby. Best of all we're 100 percent hobby radio communications. It's radio at its most exciting: police, fire and emergency medical and some of the best two-way and CB radio anywhere.

Here are the articles in the May | June 2017 issue
that are available for download by those with paid online access:

The July | August 2017 issue is expected to be posted online no later than July 3, 2017.

Title of Article Author
GMRS: Put your own UHF repeater on the air and relay mobiles and handhelds Cory GB Sickles
CB radio: Advantages of SSB over AM on citizens band Mark Haverstock
Scanning: Today's radios are far from the UHF/VHF receivers of yesteryear Chuck Gysi
Last Page Out: The U.S. Army puts an antenna to the test  
Thoughtwaves: You might call this issue of NatCom a GMRS issue! Chuck Gysi
Radio news of note: Uniden gets ready to offer a combo scanner-CB radio NatCom staff
GMRS: NatCom reviews Midland's new 40-watt MXT400 GMRS radio Chuck Gysi
Special section: FCC proposes major changes for FRS, GMRS and CB Chuck Gysi


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